In the Words of a Friend

The following is by a friend of mine, Adrian Smart (a.k.a. Hunter Darian Ramst). He is a writer specializing in the horror genre. Enjoy!

It’s in the air you see killing us gently slowly as we calmy lay down and die it’s in our insides: their sweet cyanide Just shows the value of American Life
Stop, shut the fuck up and listen America’s got a brand new invention pumping noxious fumes into the air the media’s on it … but nobody cares!   You see this flag Wave it around! Do it long enough and we can put you 6 underground With out so much as a slap on the wrist Traitors are martyrs and heroes aren’t missed Whether the fumes are cyanide or a tyrade of lies   they continue to poison us deep inside make the masses relaxed with gasses more noxious than jupiter, or a few “Bent” facts as long as America gets stupider vote left vote right what a fucking sight vote middle: you lose either way another bastard gets in office tonight so we mights as well gas all the masses the take care of overpopulation and our fat US asses fuck starting a war, or feeding other countries poor, let our own people starve, they’ll go through anything for more tax cuts no spin whoever loses this election nobody wins except the bourgousie the hypocricy every single member of this hive mind mentality you say that you are against the status quo when your “leader” voted for your enemy 4 years ago! now that slinky little mongrel that used to steal chickens fattens em up with french fries, bold faced lies and not to mention fallacies about homosexual agendas, terrorists cells, and they rights we have duty to surrender! It’s all a part of the plan!
Why gas us, it’s not like we’ll ever make a stand and those of us: THE CHOSEN FEW will be wiped out quickly by a a bullet or two Now here’s the headlines for the news of this sorrow a group of “terrorists” are going to be hanged in public tomorrow that’s great well done, son give the fucker a medal than send him to the place where he’ll die for a score we’ve yet to settle And this shit goes on every single fucking day! Look at the trends: What the fuck do they say with each generation: Our minds our wasting away our urge to resist is quickly fading away we believe what we read, we hear what we’re told, because the bible excuse was getting old now all you have to do is call it a bleeding heart cause then you’ve got more sheep for the herding to start It’s sad to say, but our freedom is fucked. It’s either left or a right or another “lame duck” but we’ve got no future, no not with this mentality, it’s more fun to pop pills and watch “TV REALITY” CHECK!  “Sir no gas is needed” The fluoride did just fine the people have conceded before they even had a cause to fight for hell, that’s what liking a picture on facebook is for We could still gas them, if you’d like but in my opinion sir, it would be a waste of a fight why put down the people when they refuse to rise rebel resist or even give a fuck about what’s right
MIssion accomplished, that’s what Dubya said He couldn’t have been more right while america is now comatose in it’s sweet sleep one after one americans die tonight why make a stand when you know that you’re gonna stand alone and if you wanna take a seat if you’re in america: YOU ARE HOME if you’ve got nothing in your pocket Suck the right cock and you might end up in politics but if you’re like me, and you still have a tiny spark of hope don’t leave me hanging: When I stand, I WILL NOT STAND ALONE
Strong words are needed sometimes. If you have questions, let me know!
Auf Wiedersehen,
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