(none) or maybe (some)

There are only a very few things in life that we, as humans, are certain of.

We are certain that the sun rises in the East. We are certain that it sets in the West (based on our certainty of a standard directional system). We are certain that there are different climates. We are certain there is space, and other objects in it, outside of Earth’s atmosphere. We are certain there are other creatures in the world, that live with us, among us, around us, et cetera.

But, I think the most important certainty is that life (generally speaking) is so uncertain. Many people have developed many philosophies to explain constant change and chaos. Many human minds cannot process things that frighten them, and reach for some idea that comforts them. Why, though? Why does there need to be any explanation at all, or any other certainty than what we experience daily?

Change is a certainty, and it can even be predictable, by itself. If you open your eyes, you can usually see it coming. If you listen, you can hear the wind shift across the world. If you shed fear and open your mind, you can see with your third eye things you lack words to describe. There is no need for complicated philosophies and dogma.

And, with the certainty of our own change, there is also the certainty that tomorrow the sun will rise in the East, and it will set in the West.

It has been a bit since I last posted, and so I leave you with this: your destiny is yours. Take control.

Auf wiedersehen,


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