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Love? Chemistry.

I begrudgingly wish you bloggers, you happy bloggers, a Happy Valentine’s Day. And while I do not wish to share the story of my first crush (on a person), I will share that love is an awesome feeling; because endorphins … Continue reading

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Ghosts of the Pieces of Souls

I am filled with sorrow at the idea that you will never be able to understand my melancholy. Not only do I lack adequate vocabulary to express the depth and complexity of my tears, you lack the capacity to listen … Continue reading

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Musik war meine erste Liebe

Valentine’s Day. I generally shudder at the idea of setting aside a single day to capitalize on the idea of love. I believe you should show people you love them as often as possible; this life is fleeting, and you … Continue reading

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We Are All Made of Stars, by Moby

“I see spaces, worlds, alternate realities, alternate timelines, faraway pieces of the universe all the time, in my mind; and, because of mankind’s strict adherence to limits he’s placed upon himself, and the cold fear he feels about opening his … Continue reading

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Rosetta what? The Universal Language

Hello, my name is Sidney (you can call me Sid for short), and I am a nerd. I use mathematics of various types every day. This ranges from simple counting to complex physics problems. Many people think I’m insane because … Continue reading

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Blame it on my A.D.D. I find myself simultaneously burnt out and motivated. I need a break from these equations, but I need to make some progress on them. Four sections finished, four more to the next check point. I suppose I could work … Continue reading

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