We Are All Made of Stars, by Moby

“I see spaces, worlds, alternate realities, alternate timelines, faraway pieces of the universe all the time, in my mind; and, because of mankind’s strict adherence to limits he’s placed upon himself, and the cold fear he feels about opening his mind to such vast possibilities, I must keep all this to myself. On an every-day basis, mind you. As of yet, no human language, save for mathematics, has been invented that can adequately describe my ‘visions’ to others without being labelled insane.”–SMV

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6 Responses to We Are All Made of Stars, by Moby

  1. Mr. Atheist says:

    Nothing like seeing the sites that make L.A. the place to be. Nice share.

    • Thank you! So, having only been to “L.A.” once in my life for three days that were not so great, what am I actually missing?

      • Mr. Atheist says:

        Our lack of weather. We have the most static weather on the planet. Well, “nice” static weather. We don’t have seasons. A cold day is when the thermostat reads 71. A hot day? 79. The occassional breeze breaks up the monotony well. Find yourself near a palm tree for that perfect hint of the tropics. It helps with a fruity drink in hand.

        The traffic is horrible. It is our payment for this perfect-ish weather.

        Lots to see and do in the City of Angeles. A lot of free stuff too. As a fellow atheist, you would probably LOVE the observatory that over looks the Los Angeles Basin: Griffith Observatory. It’s free. The views are thrilling and there are a ton of hikes in the local area to keep you busy for weeks.

        There are a billion film locations that you can google and drive to within minutes of each other. That is if you are into that sort of thing.

        We have beaches. Plenty.

        We have movie stars, TV stars, B/C/D listers, and we have all those that wanna be. If you hang out long enough at the Grove you will see at lease one of these assholes, er, super stars.

        You can also rent a car and marvel at the 4 churches in Beverly Hills and then drive 15 minutes and lose count of the churches in South Central. For the record I recently counted 64 churches on a two mile drive through said section of town.

        I doubt this is what you wanted as a response, but, as you can tell, it has been a WHILE since I had intelligent contact.

        Thank YOU for being an Atheist.

      • Actually, I was not expecting such an elaborate response! I appreciate it. I kind of want to visit (intentionally) just to go to the observatory and go hiking. And, well, the beach (collectively) is my happy place, so I’d be happy (unless it’s ridiculously crowded?). Interesting about the churches. I’d be curious to do or read a study on why there are so many in one area. The answer is probably simple…

      • Mr. Atheist says:

        There are a few beaches I would stay away from if you are looking for solitude. Venice and Santa Monica are the most crowded (seven days a week). If you head a little ways south you will be okay. Not as many crowds and enough to find some solitude. If your preference for beaches tend to the rocky vs. sandy then head north from Santa Monica.

        The answer is as simple as you might expect it to be. šŸ˜‰

        I’m sorry for my winded responses. I feel as though I have emerged from a cave and the need to communicate is overwhelming.

      • Not at all! It’s refreshing to have someone to conversation with, even if it is about Southern California šŸ˜‰ I could reciprocate by telling you about the things I like where I live, but then I’d give away where I live, so I think we should further discuss Los Angeles and its surrounding areas šŸ™‚ So, southern beaches? I prefer sandy to Rocky, but in some cases I’ll take what’s available.

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