Ghosts of the Pieces of Souls

I am filled with sorrow at the idea that you will never be able to understand my melancholy. Not only do I lack adequate vocabulary to express the depth and complexity of my tears, you lack the capacity to listen properly to my heart and the ability to understand, at its deepest level, what you are hearing.

The past is in the past for a reason. But sometimes, things that we do or things that are done to us mark us in profound ways. There are so many hypotheses in so many different cultures that attempt to explain and even apply a standard formula to the ways life events affect us. But how can there be a single formula? Every situation is different, and every person possesses different degrees of sensitivity to their environments. Sometimes we lose pieces of our souls (metaphorically speaking), and in the empty spaces those bits leave in their wake, ghosts may take up residence.

For our supposed brilliance in the animal kingdom and highly developed, complex emotions, humans sure do spend a lot of time hurting each other and being absolutely careless.

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