Musik war meine erste Liebe

Valentine’s Day. I generally shudder at the idea of setting aside a single day to capitalize on the idea of love. I believe you should show people you love them as often as possible; this life is fleeting, and you can’t know when you will no longer be able to express that affection.

That being said, I have no “valentine.” But, I do have some dear friends and family. I love all of them in different ways. I love animals. I love coffee, social drinking, and philosophical discussions. But my first and everlasting love? Music.

I love rock, classical, jazz, electronic, industrial (I really love industrial), blues. I am a classically trained musician, for quite a long time, on top of my “day job.” I fell in love with music long ago, when I was wee. Music was my first and everlasting love.

I have this theory that if one were to translate Tool’s albums into physical equations, one could build an incredible temple.

Music goes back to math. Music is made of math, just as everything else. After math, it is the most important language with which humans communicate. It is capable of expressing the full range of human emotions. When words just can’t suffice, tunes can pick up the slack. It was my first and everlasting love, before I knew what math was.

And so, as a pre-Valentine’s Day gift for the blogosphere, I bring you something beautiful.

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